Intuitive Dashboard

Keep your attendees informed and engaged with Canvas Guides for Events. Create and update agendas, line-up information, venue details with our high performance interface.

Canvas Guides allows you to provide up-to-date event information quickly and easily to your clients via this app-like progressive web application. And with Open Street Maps and Open Weather integration, your attendees are kept informed about your event.
Built using the latest coding frameworks and running on a blazing-fast server, Canvas Guides has the performance and power needed to sustain intensive data throughput by multiple users and APIs.

Three parts to Canvas Guides

The Canvas Guides dashboard

Where you keep your event data. Agendas, venues, speaker biographies, accommodation and other activities. These are all hosted on the dashboard, along with any supporting images and video as well as your branding and contact information.


The itinerary generator

Drag-and-drop data from the dashboard into the itinerary generator as the event takes shape. Tailored to attendees if you wish and with all the information they need to get the most out of your event.


The Canvas Guides product

Once all the information is assembled, the Canvas Guides can be published and a unique URL is created that can be sent to attendees, giving them a personalised microsite / web-app with all the information they need. New information can be added and sent to attendees via push notifications.


“The easy-to-use Canvas Guide was a great new addition for the ATN conference this year and we were thrilled to use it. The guide looked fantastic, very clean and professional and reflected the quality of what ATN represents, as well hosting all the necessary information a delegate would need to access before and during the event. ”

Pru Goudie
Adventure Travel Networking


Technical Specifications Features

  • PWA enabled Can be saved to home screens
  • Available offline once downloaded
  • Can be continually updated, with changes synced to the clients mobile version, etc. which enables enhanced notifications from pre to post-sale, on trip tool
  • Customisable page content, as well as ability to add additional pages
  • Attachable documents (PDF, word, etc)
  • High Performance small assets sizes, plus lazy loading images with responsive sizes based on the device means that the itinerary can be downloaded quickly even on bad connections
  • Open Street Map Routes viewable when online and also partially available offline. Previously viewed maps are cached by the PWA for offline viewing
  • Easily branded with company logo and colours
  • Media Assets hosted on AWS for rapid content delivery around the world
  • App-like UI and interface
  • Cloud-based fully responsive HTML (so not device specific or dependent)
  • Imagery optimised for each device similar to a responsive html CMS
  • Easy link to share unlike a large PDF

API / Generator Features

  • Primarily built with Laravel (PHP Framework) which includes first class security and performance features, and provides a structure to build highly customised and maintainable applications
  • Back-end stack includes MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Node, and more
  • Hosted on a high performance Vultr server for blazing fast response time
  • Uses a Node application as a micro service that generates the PWA versions of the events
  • AWS integration for storing of media
  • Stripe integration for secure payment transactions
  • Mailgun integration for quick and reliable email delivery
  • Soon to have Third-party access for integration with others systems
  • Integral PDF Generator PDF generated versions of events (This means the account holder will be able to generate a branded PDF of the html Canvas, with date stamp to reference that it is the most up to date)
  • Custom subdomain (e.g. create canvas.yourcompanyname.com) and we can configure our server to load generated events on that URL. For example: canvas.yourcompanyname.com/O0fw0e7 rather than e.wdcanvas.com/pwa/yourcompany/O0fw0e7.

Dashboard Features

  • PWA enabled can be saved to your computer for quick access
  • Built with cutting edge tech stack React JS framework allowing for seamless user interactions, and code splitting for fast loading pages
  • Integrated Maps to easily add destination markers, etc
  • Easy to manage and build library of venues, features, hospitalities, images, PDFs and more
  • Event Templates plus clone-able events for quick reproduction
  • Flexible information can be added in a variety of ways, e.g. venues can be added through the main venues section for use, or on the fly when building an event