A new expectation of digital in events

Event attendees lose track when information is sent over email and in attachments. Canvas Guides lives on their homescreen as a useful shortcut to all the details they need in the run-up to the event, and during the event itself.

Unlike other apps, Canvas Guides works across devices and can be shared with other attendees.

Benefits for the...


Canvas Guides acts as a pre-sales conversion tool; enabling the sales assistant to update and amend the enquiry as the booking enquiry evolves. Subsequently, following post sale confirmation the link evolves into a convenient method of providing information to the attendee both leading up to, and during, the event.


The Canvas Guides dashboard is an intuitive platform to build agendas and itineraries as plans develop.

No more starting from scratch as itineraries can be saved as templates.

Know that your attendees are turning up fully informed, and as plans changed, you can update them with simple notifications.


Canvas Guides is an immersive event attendee’s assistant which contains the essential information about the event. Traditionally this information has been provided by the event organiser, in either printed form or as a substantial PDF (held on client portal or emailed).


Attendees receive a handy, engaging, elegant web-app with everything they need to know in one place, easily installable (via a URL) and accessible (from the homescreen shortcut).

No more printing out PDFs or searching for emails.

Updated information is seamlessly added without the need for a new download.

Canvas Guides works offline so can be accessed during the event wherever it is held.

Bring your event to life

Sign up and log in via the dashboard where you can start compiling the information needed for your event.

As people sign up, buy tickets or RSVP. send attendees a Canvas Guides as a simple URL, which gives them a personalised microsite with all the information about what they will be experiencing.

Canvas Guides can be accessed on any device and can be shared amongst co-attendees.

On mobile, Canvas Guides will be installed like a native app to your attendees’ homescreens, with your own branded icon.


Populate the database with your regular travel or event information


Drag and drop into a new itinerary or agenda


Add personalised information to create a unique, personalised Canvas Guides


Distribute via email or QR code for immediate customer access, viewable on any device and shareable with others


Customer installs on their mobile device as a unique, informative tool for your event or trip


Canvas automatically updates with new information as details are finalised or updated